Hammock Swings-Indoors And Outdoors

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Do I need any special tools to install an indoor hammock swing?

Hammock Swings-Indoors And Outdoors

Hammock swings are an excellent addition to any patio or backyard, but you can also put a hammock swing in a sunroom or enclosed porch area. The hammock swing is naturally a "sitting-only" fixture, and is great for watching sunsets, reading and other activities. If you're thinking of installing an indoor hammock swing, decide ahead of time whether you'll want to also invest in a hammock stand or try to install it yourself by anchoring or bolting the swing to the ceiling. If you choose to bolt the hammock to the ceiling, you may need a tool called a "stud finder" which will locate the wooden beams in your ceiling or wall area suitable for nails, screws or bolts. The stud finder is a valuable tool you can use again and again for any kind of installation requiring a permanent fixture in your wall or ceiling, so don't hesitate to invest in one should you need it.



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