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How can I use my one hammock swing for all my kids at barbecue time?

Barbecue time

The hammock swing can be very useful for a family backyard barbecue. Before you start, make sure your heat source is at least 15 feet away from the hammock swing. This will prevent damage or injury from heat, sparks or fire flare-ups from the grill or barbecue pit. Kids can take turns sitting in the hammock swing with a garden hose on "fire watch", which can be a fun way to get impatient eaters involved in the barbecue process and give them something to do while the food cooks. It is also handy for teaching them a bit of responsibility and respect for the fire in your barbecue pit. Naturally, everyone will want a turn in the hammock swing with the hose!

I have a hammock swing on my boat. Do I need to do anything special to the swing because of the sea salt?

Hammock Swings-Seaside Maintenance

If you have a hammock swing installed in an area near sea water or salt spray, you may need to clean your hammock more often than someone who lives near a freshwater lake or river. Ocean salt can, over time, corrode and wear out the connecting cords or ropes that hold the hammock in place. Hammock swings installed on boats should be given even closer attention, as the constant up-close exposure will definitely affect the lifespan of your hammock swing without proper care.

Do I need a floatation device on my shipboard hammock swing

Hammock Swings and Boating Safety

Boat lovers can install hammock swings on board, and some like to hang a hammock or hammock swing off the bow for a truly luxurious seagoing experience. Those who choose this option should install a life preserver or other floatation device on the hammock swing in case of an emergency. In an extreme case, should the hammock swing fall into the water, the occupant can immediately reach for the life preserver instead of having to wait for someone to throw a line or floatation device into the water. When using a hammock swing over the water, it's a very good idea to require a life jacket, just in case.

I know what I want, but don't know what to ask for!

Hammock Swing Varieties

You can find an incredible range of styles and configurations for a hammock swing; everything from small, space-saving versions that look like lawn chairs with a bit of rope work attached, to elaborately constructed hammock swings with lots of netting and complicated hanging designs. Many people want the traditional look of a hammock combined with the ease of a swing. If you want that traditional look, try a keyword search on "classic hammock swing" or "traditional net hammock swing".

If you are dealing with a vendor and aren't sure what to ask for, tell them you want the classic net or rope hammock look, unless you want the kind of hammock swing that resembles a sold sheet of fabric. In that case, tell the vendor you are looking for a solid fabric hammock swing and not a net hammock.

Are there any dangers to pets from a hammock swing?

Hammock Swing Safety

It's a given that if you have a hammock swing, you should supervise children in and near the swing. There is a strangulation hazard inherent in any kind of suspended mesh, rope or cord arrangement, and chances are you have already considered this fact when installing a hammock or hammock swing. Something that isn't as obvious is the danger to household pets. It's just as easy to have a safety incident with a curious pet.
If your hammock swing is outdoors, you may need to cover the hammock swing when not in use. A plastic tarp can keep paws and claws from getting tangled in the swing. If you have an indoor hammock swing, you can either cover it with a tarp or close off the room to your pets when not in use.

Is a net hammock swing OK for the kids?

Hammock Swings-Net Or Fabric?

If you worry about belt buckles, snaps and buttons getting caught in your child's hammock swing, purchase an all-fabric weave version instead of a net hammock swing. The fabric weave won't trap clothing and accessories the way a net or mesh hammock construction can. Adults are good at getting their buttons and buckles unstuck from a net-style hammock, while kids tend to yank and pull. Save your buttons and go with the fabric weave for the kids.

Can I install a child's hammock swing close to the ground instead of the 'normal' height?

Hammock Swing Installation For Kids

Hammocks and hammock swings are usually recommended for a certain height, but these are usually for adult hammocks and hammock swings. If you are purchasing a hammock swing for a child, you may wish to put them lower to the ground. Many parents worry about their children falling from a swing or hammock, and a close proximity to the floor or grass can alleviate these fears. If used properly, hammock swings are safe for kids so long as it is a supervised activity, but the additional peace of mind of the "low-to-the-floor" hanging is a good thing. Be sure to double-check the instruction manual to insure you don't install below the recommended minimum height.

Do I need any special tools to install an indoor hammock swing?

Hammock Swings-Indoors And Outdoors

Hammock swings are an excellent addition to any patio or backyard, but you can also put a hammock swing in a sunroom or enclosed porch area. The hammock swing is naturally a "sitting-only" fixture, and is great for watching sunsets, reading and other activities. If you're thinking of installing an indoor hammock swing, decide ahead of time whether you'll want to also invest in a hammock stand or try to install it yourself by anchoring or bolting the swing to the ceiling. If you choose to bolt the hammock to the ceiling, you may need a tool called a "stud finder" which will locate the wooden beams in your ceiling or wall area suitable for nails, screws or bolts. The stud finder is a valuable tool you can use again and again for any kind of installation requiring a permanent fixture in your wall or ceiling, so don't hesitate to invest in one should you need it.

What rope should I use to hang my hammock swing?

Using Spun Polyester Ropes for Your Hammock Swing

Spun poyester is the best choice to use in your hammock swing. It is a very soft rope but extremely strong. It can be dyed any color and is mold and mildew resistant. It is also resistant to sun fade. Another advantage of poyester over it's natural counter part cotton is the fact that it will not stretch. This may cause one side of your swing to hang lower than the other.

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