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What options do I have for hammock pillows?

Hammock Pillows

There are many varieties of hammock pillow, but the three most basic and easily found are the traditional pillow, the decorative throw, and the full-length hammock pillow. The traditional comes in many colors and designs, many of which are just as traditional as the patterns of Ecuadorean hammocks and other types of Latin American "heritage hammocks". The decorative throw can be ultra-modern, traditional, or something in between. The full-length hammock pillow is excellent for larger hammocks built for multiple users. Regardless of which you choose, pillows should not be exposed to the elements. You may be able to leave your hammock outside for the summer, but keep your pillows indoors when not in use unless the care and cleaning instructions indicate the pillow has been coated or treated to be weather proof.

What are some fun accessories for my hammock?

Fun Hammock Accessories

Your hammock is designed for relaxation and fun. With that in mind why not add a few extra hammock accessories to help you enjoy your hammock fully. How about a water mister that hooks up to your garden hose keeping you cool on those hot summer days. Or maybe you want a rocker that keeps your hammock swaying continuously. Don't forget the customized rope drink holder. Now you are ready to enter the wolrd of complete relaxation.

Are there accessories for my hammock?

Hammock Accessories

Many people buy or make hammocks, set them up and snooze away, never realizing there's a wide range of hammock accessories they can buy to enhance their set up. Hammock pillows are the most obvious add-on, but there are many other optional items; hammock stands, canopies, caddies and much more. If you want to enhance your hammock, the canopy is an excellent place to start. The canopy is a great feature for those who don't have tree shade for their outdoor hammocks. The canopy reduces your sun exposure and creates a cool oasis on patios and in backyards with little or no shade. Most canopies are designed for hammocks with spreader bars, but if you don't mind a little creative shopping, you can still set up a canopy for a hammock with no bars.

Will my camping hammock keep out the rain?

Keeping Out Of the Rain with Your Hammock

Until the weather can be predicted without impunity you're going to get rained on while using your hammock. Some people would just go inside, but perhaps you are a diehard hammock enthusiast. To keep a vertical rain off of you and your hammock, purchase an oversized tarp that drapes a couple of feet over your hammock. This tarp is a fanstastic hammock accessory. You can tent the tarp down with adjustable ropes that can be lowered in case of a driving horizontal rain. Leave yourself enough space to stand up outside of your hammock to move around. Play with the different heights of your rain tarp until you get more familiar with it.

I want a hammock accessory that will help prevent damage to the trees. Help!

The Hammock Strap

Many people assume that without a hammock stand, an outdoor hammock hanging kit used on trees will damage those trees. Fortunately there is a hammock accessory called the hammock strap. This is an excellent "tree saver", made of durable polyester. It wraps around the tree trunk and features a set of hooks meant for the hammock ropes or fasteners. The hammock strap is easy on tree trunks and is especially valuable to the camping hammock enthusiast as it is quite easy to set up and take down. No hooks or ropes touch the tree itself, just the polyester strap. A perfect hammock accessory for people who care about the trees they use for hammock comfort.

What is a truck bed hammock?

The Truck Bed Hammock

There are actual hammocks that act as accessories. When I first heard of the truck bed hammock I thought the idea of the hammock had been taken a little too far. Then after thinking on it for awhile I began to think it was a good idea. I imagined having the ability to pull over at any time, put my hammock in the bed of the truck and grab a quick nap. I was heartbroken to discover that the hammock was well designed but it was made to secure groceries. Well, at least the groceries seemed comfortable.

Are there matching blankets to go with my traditional-style hammock?

Hammock Blankets

Hammocks usually call to mind a warm summer's day, cold drinks and long naps in the shade. Some people enjoy their hammocks into the cool of the evening, or late into the fall. If you are the sort of person who doesn't need sunshine and warm temperatures to fully enjoy a hammock, chances are you'll want to invest in a set of hammock blankets. While any old comforter will do in a pinch, hammock blankets are designed in the same colorful patterns as traditional-style hammocks. The purist will definitely want to get some complimentary hammock blankets to match their Latin American-style hammocks. You can buy hammock accessories in a variety of fabrics and styles, everything from Mexican woven to polar fleece. Why limit your hammock fun to the daytime hours during sunny seasons?

What is a hammock caddy?

The Hammock Caddy

One of the best hammock accessories on the market is the hammock caddy. Many people just lug an ice chest out to the hammock, but doing so forces you to get out of the hammock to retrieve food and ice-cold beverages. Why get up when a hammock caddy can keep your beverages cold and within easy reach? Some are designed merely as cup or bottle holders, others come insulated and feature compartments for dry ice or regular ice packs. The hammock caddy is perfect for lazy afternoons when all you want to do is lie back in the hammock, relax and keep your 'getting up' time to a minimum.

What is the purpose of a hammock pillow?

Hammock Pillows-Functional or Decorative

Most hammocks you see will be accompanied by a hammock pillow. Whether this pillow serves as a functional item or as one that is purely ornamental is up for debate. I prefer to lay in my hammock sans pillow but I have one anyway 'cause it looks nice. Most hammock pillows are designed to fit a particular style of hammock and tie in accordingly. Since they are destined to be seen they are almost always made with colorful designs.

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