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What should I look for in a Mayan hammock?

Selecting A Mayan Hammock

If you have the opportunity to handpick a Mayan Hammock, there are some things to pay attention to when making your selection. The end strings, where you attach the Mayan hammock to the hanging hooks, should be tightly bound and feel very hard. The harder the better, as this is the end that must bear the weight of the sleeper. Your Mayan hammock should have a tight weave and there should not be an overabundance of knotting. Any knots that are there should be trimmed and without excess string hanging from them. A loose weave should be avoided, as these hammocks are made quickly and without as much care.

Do all hammocks need spreader bars?

Mayan Hammocks and Spreader Bars

Most hammocks actually used in the world today for every day use do not use spreader bars. The most popular is the mayan hammock. The weight distribution in this hammock is unparralleled as it gives you the feeling of floating on air. No wonder people change brands of mattresses many times while a hammock sleeper will sleep in theirs for a liefetime.

What were the original Mayan Hammocks made of?

History of Hammocks

Originally Mayan hammocks were woven from the bakr of th Hamack tree over 1,000 years ago. This bark was soon replaced by the Sisal plant because of it's softness. Later when the Spaniards introduced cotton to the Mayans it was readliy woven into hammocks. Today the same weaves are used with nylon and cotton. entire villages across the Yucatan still make hammocks to keep up with worldwide demand.

How should I move my Mayan hammock?

Moving Your Mayan Hammock

When you need to move your Mayan hammock, it is best to hold the hammock by the "loop ends". This cuts the risk of tangling, and makes transporting much simpler. If you are moving Mayan hammocks to wash them, bundle the ends like you are making a ponytail. Then, slip the hammock into a pillowcase, which offers great protection from tangles in the wash. Never wash other items in the same load as your Mayan hammock, as buckles, buttons and other clothing fasteners can easily tangle and snarl the hammock as it washes, even inside the pillowcase.

What is the difference between a Mayan and Yucatan Hammock?

Mayan v.s. Yucatan

Mayan and Yucatan hammocks are the same thing. They are commonly called Mexican hammocks. They originated by the Mayan Indians who lived on the Yucatan Pennisula. No matter the name you call it, this hammock is considered the finest and most comfortable in the world. Millions of people worldwide have adopted this style of hammock as their permanent bedding.

Why are Mayan hammocks more expensive than others?

What About Price?

A Mayan Hammock is a bit pricier than some other hammocks on the market, and with good reason. It can take 90 hours or more to create a single Mayan hammock, making the purchase of this variety a definite "Fair Trade" buy. Many of these come in traditional colors or designs, so there is a definite heritage factor at work in the creation of each one. If you want to support local economies, a Mayan hammock may be a good buy for you. Additionally, these hammocks are obviously handcrafted, making them excellent and unique gifts. You may be able to print or download a fact sheet about your Mayan hammock to include with the gift to offer a bit of background history along with the hammock. This can be a fun way to give someone a taste of the "old world" south of the border.

How large can a Mayan hammock go?

Mayan Hammock Sizes

Mayan hammocks come in a variety of sizes, everything from a "single" that can support one adult, to a super-size Mayan hammock that is 14 feet long. Many Mayan hammocks can accommodate up to three or four hundred pounds, and the larger you go, the greater your comfort level. The super-size or extra large hammocks are usually the models of choice for bed replacement. Some of the largest Mayan Hammocks are rated for up to 1,000 pounds, so weight is definitely not an issue. Another feature of Mayan hammocks; no two are exactly alike. Since they are hand made, there is uniqueness to each and every one. In many cases you can even specify color schemes to match your bedroom decor, or simply specify colors you don't want and let the hammock makers surprise you.

What is a Mayan Hammock?

What Is A Mayan Hammock?

What most retailers call the Mayan Hammock a handmade work of art that can use literally miles of fabric. The Mayan hammocks are designed to be used "crossways" so that the sleeper lies in the middle of the hammock with feet pointed out instead of pointed at the hanging hooks. There is plenty of room in a Mayan hammock; your feet will not dangle over the sides unless you position yourself for them to do so. Most Mayan hammocks are made from either nylon, hemp, or cotton and some are hand-made to order, so keep this in mind when placing an order that needs to arrive by a certain date.

Can I fall of my hammock while sleeping?

Falling out of your hammock while sleeping

Even for the most restless sleeper falling out of a hammock while sleeping is very rare if they are hung right. If you have that great a fear I would suggest a Mayan hammock. These hammocks come without spreader bars allowing the hammock to cradle your body. This should give you the reassurance you need to get a good nights sleep.

How do you get comfortable in a Mayan Hammock?

Getting comfrotable in your Mayan Hammock

A Mayan Hammock does not have the full support that most resort hammocks do. This is to say, they don't have the spreader bars at either end flattenign the laying surface. After getting in this type of hammock you'll want ot find an angle that is perpendicular or diagonal to the anchor points. This will be purely your preference, whatever feels best for you. All people are different in this regard. Yur weight actually supports you and keeps you in the hammock in this unmatched restive comfort.

What is a Polypro Mayan hammock?

What Is A Polypro Mayan Hammock?

Polypro is the name of a synthetic material better known as polypropylene. Some people simply say 'nylon', but Polypro is not nylon; in fact, it is more stretch resistant and waterproof than nylon. The difference with Polypro is that it is very UV sensitive. Don't leave polypro Mayan hammocks in the sun, as the UV rays will weaken the material with prolonged exposure. That shortcoming aside, Polypro gives a very firm Mayan hammock experience and is perfect for those who enjoy that added firmness.

What is the difference between Deluxe and Lux cotton?

Delux Cotton Mayan Hammocks vs. "Lux Cotton"

Shoppers will find two different kinds of cotton-construction Mayan hammocks, which have similar names. Deluxe cotton and Lux cotton Mayan hammocks are not made of the same material. Lux cotton is more expensive, and is not recommended for outdoor use unless you are prepared to bring the Mayan hammock indoors after each and every use. Lux cotton is durable, but sensitive to the elements, which makes it a much better bet for indoor Mayan hammocks. Some people give these Lux editions as wedding presents and are worth the extra money if high quality and a good presentation are important factors in your purchase.

How can my Mayan hammock help me save space?

Mayan Hammocks-A Space Saving Solution

If you use a Mayan Hammock indoors, you don't have to worry about limited space concerns. You can simply take one end off the hanging hook to free up the space the Mayan Hammock would otherwise take up, making this a very space-efficient way to rest. It is a very helpful space saver in efficiency apartments, college dorm rooms and anywhere else your square footage is at a premium.

What are Mayan hammocks made of?

Mayan Hammock Materials

There are many choices you can make about the construction of your Mayan Hammock. Cotton, hemp, and nylon are among these choices, but when it comes to cotton there are additional considerations. If you are thinking of replacing your bed with a Mayan hammock, consider going with deluxe cotton instead of the standard cotton. Deluxe cotton is more durable and firm, and is spun longer before being made into your Mayan hammock. Also consider a hemp hammock. A nylon hammock is much preferable for outdoor use, especially since it can withstand the elements.

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