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How can I get the best deal for my money?

Finding The Best Prices

Sometimes, it really is as simple as a Google search on the phrase "hammock super sale." Even so, there are a few questions to ask yourself before you begin the search for the lowest priced hammock on the net:
1. Are you a camper? Do you plan on moving your hammock location often? This affects the type of hammock you should invest your money in. Look for something lightweight and portable.
2. Do you want a completely stationary hammock that is installed once and stays put? Forget about camping hammocks and portable versions. A synthetic hammock might be your best bet in areas that have a rainy season. Do you really want to deal with how the heat and humidity is going to affect that cotton material? For an outdoor hammock the answer is probably "no".
3. Will it be just you in the hammock? Or do you need something built for two? Don't assume that just because the hammock is wide enough for two, that it is rated for the weight of two people. Get the specs before you buy.
4. Finally, are you worried about the effects your outdoor hammock might have on the trees? Consider a hammock with its own frame if you don't want to deal with lashing ropes to the local greenery.

Can I get quality buying a discount hammock?

Buying Discount Hammocks

As with all things, you get what you pay for. If you're going to buy a discount hammock your quality may not be top of the line. The main difference will be the tightness of the weave. Instead of being triple weave it will porbably be double or even single. This may not pose a problem if this hammock is going to be used for slight recreational use. If that's the cas then maybe a cheap hammock is right for you.

Is my hammock safe for kids?

Your Discount Hammock And The Little Ones

Some people install hammocks intended to stay up for the summer. A long-term hammock placement is ideal for single people, but for those with children, a more portable solution may be less bothersome when it comes to keeping an eye on the little ones. Hammock safety dictates you never allow children to use a hammock unattended, and a "long-term install" hammock can be a source of temptation for kids-your own and the neighbor's children alike. Evaluate the potential for unattended play in and around the hammock before choosing the kind of discount hammock you wish to buy. You may find that a more portable solution gives better peace of mind for both you and the neighbors!

What is a parachute hammock?

Discount Hammocks Just A Parachute Away

Some discount hammocks go for unbelievable prices--under $50 in some cases--because they are made from parachute material instead of more traditional materials such as rope, cotton, or other weaves. If you are looking for a solid-material type hammock to buy, rather than a "pattern" type which looks a bit like mesh or netting, the parachute hammock may be for you. Some people are curious about hammocks, but hesitant to invest in some of the higher-priced versions. The discount hammock made from parachute material is a low-cost way to test-drive a hammock for a few weeks before taking the plunge for a camping hammock or a more permanent version for the backyard or even indoor use. If you decide to try the parachute hammock first, be aware of the greater puncture potential for a parachute hammock. Never use one with any sharp objects in your pockets, including keys and pocketknives. Parachute material is sturdy, but once you compromise the fabric with a rip or tear it's only a matter of time before the whole thing is useless.

I only find big name brand hammocks-aren't there any "no-name" brands?

Who Needs A Discount Hammock?

The image of a hammock conjures up remote desert islands, tropical drinks, and coconuts. It's a very relaxing association, and in an age of increased stress over gas prices, job security, for 401Ks, the question is really "Who doesn't need a discount hammock?" If you want to buy a hammock, chances are you're looking for the relaxation experience implied by the mental image of a tropical hammock.
If you are looking for a 'casual use' discount hammock, chances are you will find a model to suit your needs exactly. When searching for a discount hammock, do a Google search on the phrase "discount hammock". Then, compare no-name brands to the big brands like Hatteras hammocks to see how the prices measure up. When you are doing your comparison, be sure to check for important features such as the hammock's weave. The weave plays a part in the sturdiness and comfort of the discount hammock. Does the discount hammock model have the same weave as the top-of-the-line model? A triple weave is best. See if you can locate a discount version with many of the same features as the name brand. Some discount hammocks may be manufactured by the same company as the name brand version, only marketed in a different way. It pays to do your homework, compare makes and models and know before you buy.

Does "discount hammock" equal "cheaply made hammock"?

Discount Hammocks- Are They Cheap?

A discount hammock isn't necessarily a cheaper version of a well-made brand; those who want to buy a hammock will learn the same shopping rules apply to discount hammocks as any other product. Some models go out of vogue and become cheaper. An improved version of last year's model will be more expensive. Last year's hot commodity will definitely seem like a discount hammock compared to the latest and greatest. The old advice is the best; shop around and look for the best deal.

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