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Should I buy steel or wood?

Hammock Stand Construction

If you are in the market for a hammock that can hold more than one person, it's very important to purchase a hammock stand that can hold the load. An all-steel, heavy-duty construction hammock stand is your best bet. You can also purchase a wood hammock stand, but double check the packaging to see what weight the wood hammock stand is rated for. You should actually check any hammock stand for weight ratios, but heavy-duty steel construction is naturally more durable when it comes to two or more hammock occupants. Read the labels and you won't be disappointed.

How ornate should my hammock stand be?

Less is more

Less is always more with a hammock stand. Remember, the visual aspect of the whole hammock/stand combo is the hammock itself. Whether your stand be made of wood or metal it nees to do one thing, compliment your hammock. If it is too bold it runs the risk of just looking gawdy. Strong and functional are the keys when looking for hammock stands.

How many types of hammock stands are there.

Types of hammock stand Designs

There are quite a few styles of hammock stand designs out there. Far too many to name here, but there are a few basic shapes. I've found most hammock stand designs are variations of the Roman Arc, Center Beam or supported poles. To get the true feel of these designs you'll have to do a bit of homework. Look at picutures on the internet. Most manufacturers are more than happy to post pictures of their wares.

Can steel hammock stands be decorative as well as functional?

Steel hammock stands

When functionality beats form opt for the steel hammock stand. These sturdy pieces of architecture exude strength as you lounge in your hammock. You'll be extremely comfortable knowing that you are well supported. If you need a bit of elegance you won't be at a loss with a metal hammock stand. There are beautiful designs ranging from the Roman Arc to simpler artistic modes.

Can the connections come loose on my hammock stand?

Hammock Stand Safety

Whether you have built your hammock stand from a kit or purchased one in various stages of pre-assembly, it's important to check out your wood hammock stand or steel hammock stand to make sure you have tight connections. A load bearing structure with screws, nuts, and bolts should be inspected to insure all connections are properly tight and without excessive wear. Screws can become stripped over time, and you may spot other signs of wear that require hardware replacement. Don't underestimate the power of repeated use to loosen those bolts! A simple regular spot-check should do for most of the year, but at least once a month you should give your hammock stand a good look.

Can I use raw lumber for my outdoor hammock stand?

Building From A Kit-Outdoor Wood Hammock Stands

If you are using a wood hammock stand kit to make an outdoor wood hammock stand, you should not only have the wood properly sanded, you must also treat your wood to make it weather proof. You can buy pre-treated lumber from many home improvement stores, or buy raw lumber and treat it yourself at home with an all-weather sealant. Exposing raw lumber or timber to the elements invites warping, cracks, and splitting. While much lumber is initially treated, you should go the extra step and have it coated with a weather sealant for maximum durability in rain, snow, cold temperatures and high humidity.

Can I use a wood hammock stand outdoors?

Wood outdoor hammock stands

Stainless steel hammock stands are clearly the best choice for outdoor use. But if you sincerely want a wood hammock stand they can be durable also. With pressure treated wood and zinc coated hardware against rust these hammock stands may give their steel counterparts a run for their money in durability. Their strength is admirable too, some being able to suport over 450 pounds.

How far do I bury my hammock stand support poles?

Planting Support Poles

So you've made your choice on which hammock stand to buy and you don't know how far to plant the support poles. As a general rule bury them at least 1.5 feet deep. I would suggest going at least two feet deep just to be safe. If this is going to be a permanent location you may want to put a layer of concrete down for added security. Your manufacturer should have some written guidelines for you to follow that may vary slightly from these directions.

Should I get a Hammock/Stand Combo?

Combo Hammock and Stand

Probably the easist thing to do when shopping for a hammock stand is to look for a hammock/stand combo. Why waste your time searching for the perfect stand when there are plenty of manufacturers that have artisans and craftsmen designing them. This is not to mention the fact that they have two thousand years of history behind their Hammock stand designs. If you'd still like to pick your own stand out, check out some of the combos. Find out why they fo with the hammocks they're with and then start shopping for your own.

What should I know about building from a kit?

Building From A Kit

Many wood hammock stands are "build-it-yourself" affairs where you purchase your own wooden beams or planks to go with the hardware kit. If you are constructing an indoor wood hammock stand, make sure the wood has been sanded properly and there are no splinters-bare feet and legs will definitely pick them up eventually. You can sand the wood yourself, or pay to have the home improvement store sand them down for you, saving a bit of time in the construction process. It's also a good idea to buy some rubber covers or sealant to apply to any screwtops, protruding butterfly heads or nails that might catch tender feet in a careless moment.

How can I fix up scratches in my hammock stand?

Touching up your hammock stand

If your hammock gets dinged don't fret. You can fix most scratches in your stand with automotive paint. In fact, this paint is probably the easiest type to match up. It usually comes in nail polish sized containers so you won't have to buy much. Hopefull you will have been taking good care of your stand and won't need much.

I am concerned about my hammock stand tipping over!

The Hammock Stand "Stance"

One concern many people have with a new hammock stand is tipping. Will my new hammock and stand tip over unexpectedly? Hammock stands are built to resist tipping, but if you are particularly concerned, look for a hammock stand with a wide 'stance'. This means legs or supports that cover a wide angle from end to end. The wider the legs of your hammock stand, the better the center of gravity will be, giving you peace of mind as you get in, relax, and enjoy your hammock.

Should I rust proof my steel hammock stand?

Steel Outdoor Hammock Stands

Some consumers buy steel hammock stands without checking to see if the metal has been rustproofed. It's best to buy a steel hammock stand advertised as "rust proof". Don't take chances with inferior metals, or steel construction that is clearly marked as needing to be rustproofed by the consumer. If your instructions tell you to add rustproofing material, by all means do so! You won't regret it once the rains come.

Can I get a unique wood hammock stand?

Uniqueness and your wooden hammock stand

Nothing personalizes your home décor like a hand carved wooden hammock stand. This type of stand is quickly becoming the most popular in this country. It's ability to gracefully hide it's strength behind it's hand carved curves enhances any room or patio. If you have decided on a wood stand, shop around. There is a personalized wood stand just waiting for your hamock.

What kinds of hammock stands are there?

Types of hammock stands

A necessary accessory for hammocks is the stand. The most popular hammock stands are available in wood or steel and assemble easily. These hammock stands offer either a welded or screwed together construction for safety. One of the safest designs is constructed by welding the elbow into the foot cross piece with a 360-degree weld called a "right connection". A weight capacity of 450 to 600 pounds is available on most hammock stands.

Is there a maintenance wood hammock stand?

Low maintenance outdoor wood stands

One drawback to putting a wood hammock stand outdoors is the threat of deterioration. If you leave an ordinary wood stand out in the elements you must treat it with finish to resist water ans sun damage. There is a wood hammock stand that bypasses this problem. Hammock stands made of the sturdy cypress wood retain their natural oils and significantly retard wwather related damage. It also turnes the color of pewter with age enhancing it's beauty.

Are there any portable hammock stands?

Portable hammock stands

Although not suitable for hiking because of the weight a portable hammock stand may be the answer for on the go hammock afficionado. The price range starts at $50 and goes up from there. They range from the single post to 5-piece steel frames all the way to an aluminum frame with a carrying bag. These portable hammock stands are ideal for the car camper. Check with the retailer sites to find which hammock stand suits your lifestyle.

I want a Hawaiian/retro lounge look. Are there bamboo hammock stands available?

The 'Retro' Hammock Stand

Many retro enthusiasts are very picky about their backyard/patio decor, including their hammocks. For those interested in capturing a Hawaiian retro/tiki lounge style, one particular hammock stand may fit the bill. This is a hammock stand fashioned to look like bamboo. The actual construction may vary from wood to steel, but the presentation, detailing and construction is done to simulate bamboo. Plant a few tiki torches, put on the lounge music, and add this hammock stand and you'll have converted your yard or patio area in to bachelor pad/lounge retro heaven.

Are wooden hammock stands safe?

Wood Stands and Safety

While most associate steel hammock stands with strength, don't rule out the wooden hammock stand durability. These hearty and eye catching accessories can generally support 450 poiunds and more. Check your manufacturers guidelines for your specific model. Wood hammock stands tend to be at home in a bedroom setting as well as an outdoor garden. Foilage only enhances it's beauty.

What hammock stand is best for extended outdoor use?

Steel , the best outdoor hammock stand

If your hammock stand is relegated to being outside on a permanent basis, choose a steel hammock stand. More importantly choose stainless steel. This metal's silver luster and non tarnishing ablility make it the no-brainer choice for extended outdoor use. It won't rust either which can discolor your hammock and the patio the stand sets on. Shop around, you should be able to find many elegant designs in a weather firendly steel hammock stand.

What different types of hammock stands are available?

Hammock Stands

There are many different types of hammock stands to choose from, including metal, wood and the chair stand. From the name, you can guess that the chair stand is used for "sitting hammocks" rather than the reclining kind you find between two trees. Metal and woods hammock stands have their own aesthetic advantages, but it's important to read the descriptions carefully, as some hammock stands are designed specifically for hammocks with spreader bars, while others are made for hammocks with no spreaders. Those who already own a hammock won't have much of a problem, but those ordering stands and hammocks at the same time should double check their order to make sure there is compatibility between hammock and stand. Many websites offer package deals; this is a way to get the most of your online ordering experience. One reason for this? It's much easier to assemble and install a hammock/stand combination designed to be used together.

What if my hammock stand has a crack or break?

What If My Hammock Stand Has A Break?

In the unlikely event that one of the beams of your wood hammock stand or steel hammock stand develops cracks, a break or any other unusual wear and tear, evaluate the part and the surrounding hardware. You may be able to replace a single beam with a duplicate exactly like it. Never replace a load bearing beam or piece of hardware with an inferior, weaker, or smaller counterpart. This compromises the entire structure and will lead to an eventual collapse or failure of the entire structure.

Where can I buy hammock stands?

Hammock Stands-Where To Buy?

Hammocks conjure up images of the exotic, but believe it or not they are quite easy to find and accessorize. Hammock stands can be purchased just about everywhere these days, from online to in stores. This makes setting up your own backyard adventure in relaxation easier than ever, but remember to invest in a hammock stand appropriate for your conditions. The wood hammock stand designed for indoor use in a sunroom or rec room isn't right for outdoor, all weather use. Check the instructions and labeling before you buy and get the right stand for the right setting!

I have termite issues with my home-should I get a steel hammock stand?


Does your home have a termite problem? If you have difficulties with wood pests, consider purchasing an all-steel hammock stand. Your termite issues are already bad enough without the additional temptation of that nice collection of lumber in your back yard that holds the hammock. Even if you have had your home treated or sprayed for pests, don't assume your hammock stand will be safe from the creeping, wood-munching hordes. All-steel is your best bet in the war against termites.

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