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Can I use my hammock for my full time bed?

Hammock for a bed

When most people in the U.S.think of hammocks they think of maybe a quick nap on vacation. Most never equate a hammock as a fulltime bed. Maybe they should, well over 10 million people worldwide use a hammock as their bed. The comfort and relaxation that these millions enjoy nightly also saves on regular mattress costs. Think about it, how long have hammocks been around versus mattress technology that changes from day to day and still can't seem to deliver the good nights rest that "hammock technology" can.

I toss and turn at night, I'll fall out o a hammock, right?

Tossing and Turning While you Sleep

The fear of not being able to sleep in a hammock because of tossing and turning keeps many people from trying a hammock bed. They think that they will not be able to sleep well in a hammock when the converse is true. People don't toss and turn in a hammock because there is no need to. When you're on your mattress you rotate your body constantly to relieve pressure points. There are no pressure points to relieve in the weight distribution system of a hammock. Try it out you only have a good nights sleep to gain.

Will I get a restful nights sleep in my hammock?

Pressure Points and Hammocks

Ever since the invention of the mattress scientists have tried to figure out how to distribute body weight. Simpy put when you lay on a flat surface your body weight collects in areas called pressure points. While you sleep your body constantly moves about giving different areas relief. And as you move about on a flat surface, you disrupt your deep sleep patterns. Imagine eliminating flat surfaces, pressure points and restless sleep with a hammock bed.

Can I replace my mattress with a hammock?

The Hammock Bed As Mattress Alternative

The old television show Gilligan's Island was probably the first mass-media exposure of the concept of a hammock bed. It's been a while since the days of Gilligan; now hammock beds are catching on as the next wave of sleep comfort. If you are looking for an alternative to your old lumpy mattress, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Hammocks conform to the body when properly hung, giving spinal support and offering many “toss-and-turners” a comfortable night's sleep in the same position. The end of tossing and turning means an increase in sleep quality.
A hammock bed offers gentle rocking motions that can lull you into a restful sleep. Many waterbed owners were tempted by the idea that the gentle rocking would do the same thing. Too bad for these people when their beds began to leak or when the heating elements failed. Hammock beds need no electricity or water to make them work properly, just gravity!
A hammock bed is easy to clean, store, and replace-many are far more inexpensive than today's mattress and box spring combinations.
If you are looking for a replacement for your old mattress, consider the hammock for a gentle night's sleep and a fun alternative to tossing and turning.

Can a hammock actually promote good health?

Healthful Sleeping in Your Hammock Bed

Hammocks work on a principle called weight distribution. With the simple ergonomic process it is able to induce a relaxed state of mind. Studies show that sleep deprivation is the number one cause of fatigue and decreases in optimal health. If you wake up in the morning feeling blah, perhaps it's time to part with your mattress and give hammocks a try. You can always use a hammock indoors for naps and reading to help alleviate your health issues as well.

I'm a fetal position sleeper, can I sleep in a hammock?

I'm a Fetal Position Sleeper

Hammock Beds are good news for fetal position sleepers. If you enjoy pulling up your knees and sleeping on your side the hammock will automatically adjust. Your body will rest on a slight incline that is highly conducive to sleep. This positioning is also one of the remedies of acid reflux disease. The benefits of hammock sleeping just keep adding up.

How effective is the rocking motion of a hammock swing?

Rocking to Sleep in your Hammock Swing

If you peruse the internet in search of hammock stories it seems everyone's favorite aspect of a hamock is the swinging motion. It seems that people were just compelled to fall into a restful sleep due to the gentle rocking motion. Now, whether this is because we were rocked to sleep as babies or it's just a part of our physiology, I don't know. But the effect of the rocking action is universally calming. Hammocks and Hammock chairs will always be popular and represent the lazy days of summer to much of America.

What type of hammock is best for sleeping in?

The Best Sleeping Hammocks

The key to getting a good nights sleep is defeating gravity. If you intend to get eight hours of horizontal time on a flat mattress, that's eight hours of your body weight putting gravitatiinal pressure on different parts of you. The best way to win this battle is searching the internet for a mayan hammock without spreader bars at the top and bottom. This will allow your body to distribute itself in zero gravity mode.

Can my hammock strengthen my immune system?

Strengthening Your Immune System with Hammocks

When your body sleeps it recharges. When it sleeps deeply it recharges optimally. Conversely it has been concluded that light or disturbed sleep weakens the bodies immune system as well as all other metabolic funtions necessary for good health. If you don't wake up in the morning feeling totally rejuvenated it's maybe time to join the milions who swear by the health benefits of hammock sleeping.

I sleep on my back, will hammock sleeping help me?

I'm a Back Sleeper

In a well designed hammock you can stretch out fully with only a minor bend in the back. Many hammock campers and hammock bed enthusiasts swear that their hammocks actually relieved years of chronic back pain. They even refuse to go back to their matresses in their home for fear of the pain coming back. Of course you must do your homework in this regard. Not all hammocks are of made of the same quality so choose wisely.

Can hammocks cure arthritis?

The Hammock Cure for Arthritis

Anyone who has arthritis will tell you that a good nights sleep is the key to how well they'll perform the following day. With millenium old hammock technology many arthritis sufferers can make their tommorrows pain free. This is not snake oil. Sleeping on a hammock will evenly distribute your weight not putting presseure on joints causing them to swell and tighten through the night. Give hammock sleeping a try, millions already have.

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