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Can my hammock double as lounge chair?

A Bed and A Lounge Chair

With just a turn of your body your hammock turns into a lounge chair. Another twist and a flip of your feet and you're ready for napville again. Imagine the luxury of waking up and effortlessly being able to sit up on the edge of your bed. Or reading a book in your lounge chair before bed and being able to turn it into a bed with a slight turn of your body. This simplest of all inventions is still the most practical after a millenium.

How relaxing are hammock chairs?

Hammock Chairs, Lighter than Air

If you've ever had the feeling of being lighter than air then you'll love the feeling you get in hammock chairs . Imagine swaying with the breeze enjoying a book or the scenery. A hammock chair is meant to cradle you as you swing in it. From the moment you sit down it gently catches and holds you like no other chair on earth can do. You may never want to get up from again from a chair this comfortable.

Can I use my portable hammock chair on a boat?

Seaworthy Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are usually found on patios, sunrooms and other places, but boating enthusiasts should consider an alternate location for hammock chairs--right off the bow! You can definitely rig a hammock chair for this kind of experience. Portable hammock chairs can be attached to any kind of beam, including a sturdy one projected off the front end of a larger boat like a cabin cruiser. The important safety aspect here is to watch closely for wear and tear from sea salt and other water-related wear. Those accustomed to boats already pay attention to this kind of wear, so an extra once-over on your hammock chair should be no problem. Remember to stay within the rated weight and suspension of your hammock chair, and your "on-the-water" experience should be a breeze!

What is a good alternate to cotton or other fibers which are tough to clean while camping out?

Portable Hammock Chairs

If you plan to use a portable or camping hammock chair a good deal in warm, humid weather, it may be a good idea to purchase a hammock chair with "breathable fabric" such as nylon or parachute material. This fabric won't retain water or sweat, which also makes it simple to clean and drip-dry. For those extra-hot climates this can be a major benefit. Cotton is good material for some kinds of hammock chairs, but if you are on the go and need something that cleans quickly and easily, nylon and parachute material is the way to go.

Do hammock chairs make good gifts?

Hammock Chairs As Unique Gifts

People searching for unusual gifts should consider the hammock chair. A complete set including the chair, a hammock stand and a hammock caddy can make an excellent graduation gift, housewarming present, or a holiday gift. If you're considering a hammock chair as a unique gift, it's a good idea to customize the package a bit. If your gift recipient is environmentally aware, try a hammock chair made with hemp, or purchase from a vendor that proudly advertises itself as a "Fair Trade" seller. You can also find hammock chairs that are made from all-natural cotton fibers or other materials. If your recipient has certain kinds of allergies, the all-synthetic fiber construction hammock chair may be the better buy. Whatever you choose, the hammock chair is definitely not one of those tired old "expected" gifts!

How high should I hang my hammock swing?

How High to Hang your Hammock Chair

You should try to hang your hammock chair at least 4 to 5 feet high. It may be possible to adust a little lower for someone of shorter stature. Do not go too low as you want the best support for your hammock. Check with your manufacturers guidelines for exact heights required. Also check for specifications on how to anchor your hammock chair.

What about hammock chair stands?

Hanging Jitters?

Some people don't trust their own carpentry skills when it comes time to hang a hammock chair. Fortunately, there are hammock chair stands, which can replace the need to install hooks, screws or mounts in your home. Hammock chair stands come in a few different basic configurations. The "A" frame is preferred by some, while the "swing set" version is also popular. The "A" frame is good on patios and porches, while the "swing set" is best installed out in the yard. Be sure you get the measurements of your hammock chair space before ordering to insure a good fit in the installation area.

Are hammock chairs good for my bad back?

Ergonomic Hammock Chairs

Some hammock chairs are designed to be more than just a fun way to relax. There are hammock chairs constructed especially for their ergonomic qualities to assist in back/spine comfort. If someone you know has back problems, consider placing an ergonomic hammock chair on the deck or patio along with your other seating. It could go a long way towards enhancing their enjoyment of the porch or patio, especially when company's over.

I don't have the space for a traditional hammock, what are my options?

Hammock Chair Basics

Not all hammock chairs are designed the same. Some are actual chairs suspended by a hammock-like apparatus, and others have the traditional hammock construction, only designed for sitting instead of reclining. These chairs go anywhere from around $50 to well over $300, depending on the model. Hammock chairs, like hammocks themselves, can be indoor furniture, too. They are perfect for sunrooms, screen-in porches and any other place where you might want to relax after a long day. If you don't have the space for a traditional reclining hammock, consider the hammock chair, which offers a similar experience in a much smaller space.

What about designer colors?

Designer Hammock Chairs

If you are looking for a hammock chair, but aren't interested in traditional designs, you are in luck. Many companies offer hammock chairs in a variety of designer colors and patterns. These are modern looks and with a bit of careful shopping, you can compliment the existing color scheme of your patio, deck, or porch with fresh colors. The word hammock does not have to mean rustic, country, or southwestern patterns. Some designer hammock chairs come in kid patterns and even patriotic colors. Do a search for designer hammock chairs--you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Should I buy a hammpck chair on Ebay?

Hammock Chairs And Online Auctions

Some people report disappointing results when they purchase hammock chairs from online auction houses. If you are tempted to purchase hammock chairs via online auction, it's important to read the fine print. Don't buy a used hammock or hammock chair! You don't want to inherit someone else's worn hammock when hammocks and hammock chairs are so inexpensive. The average starting price is between $40-$50 for a brand new hammock and around $50-$60 to start with a new hammock chair. Shop around, buy new, and take advantage of any money back guarantees or warranties your vendor offers. Buying a used hammock chair isn't your best bet. If you find new hammock chairs for sale at an online auction, read the fine print and be sure you know if you can return a disappointing hammock. If not, don't buy.

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