Seaworthy Hammock Chairs

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Can I use my portable hammock chair on a boat?

Seaworthy Hammock Chairs

Hammock chairs are usually found on patios, sunrooms and other places, but boating enthusiasts should consider an alternate location for hammock chairs--right off the bow! You can definitely rig a hammock chair for this kind of experience. Portable hammock chairs can be attached to any kind of beam, including a sturdy one projected off the front end of a larger boat like a cabin cruiser. The important safety aspect here is to watch closely for wear and tear from sea salt and other water-related wear. Those accustomed to boats already pay attention to this kind of wear, so an extra once-over on your hammock chair should be no problem. Remember to stay within the rated weight and suspension of your hammock chair, and your "on-the-water" experience should be a breeze!



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