Hanging an indoor hammock

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How can I hang my hammock inside?

Hanging an indoor hammock

Choosing a strong anchor point such as a door frame, stud or joist is best when hanging hammocks indoors. Consider hanging your hammock in a corner. This not only decreases the tripping hazard but offers more choices in sturdy anchoring. Putting an eye catching hammock chair with some tripical greenery will set off any bland corner



8/25/2006 6:14:11 PM
Kristy said:

i knew this already but i can't seem to find the beam or stud in the cealing because a stud finder won't work. how can i do this safely because the attic is unsafe?

6/30/2007 12:08:36 PM
aharing said:

Hammock Chairs or Swings are an excellant choice for balconies, gazebos, porches or any other small space where a traditional hammock would not work. Hammock swings and chairs also work well inside and can make for an interesting conversation area or a great spot to curl up and watch tv or read a good book. Hammock chairs and swings make it easy to bring the hammock indoors as they do not take up much room. Visit us at www.premierhammocks.com to find a noce hammock chair to put up in your apartment or on your deck or balcony. You will be glad you did.


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