Grades of Fabric

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What should I look for in fabric when making my hammock?

Grades of Fabric

When choosing fabric to make your hammock keep threee principles in mind. First, consider the denier of the fabric, this refers to the diamater and weight. Second, the thread count. This is how many fibers are in a specified area. Lastly,weight per square yard, this is probabaly the best guage as to the strength of the fabric. Keep in mind all three of these characteristics when you're looking for a strong and lasting hammock.



6/14/2007 7:30:17 PM
Grace said:

so, what is there to consider, you don't give any helpful information as to what the denier of the fabric should be or what thread count is best or how may fibers do we need in a specified area and what is the best gauge for the strength of the fabric. Give us something to go by, sure would help what we're exactly looking for.


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