Making "Advanced" Hammocks

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How do I make a two-person hammock?

Making "Advanced" Hammocks

Once a do-it-yourselfer has some experience making and hanging hammocks, a two-person hammock isn't all that much more challenging. Many sources recommend two pounds of hammock cord for a one-person hammock, and add an extra pound of cord for a two-person hammock. The rest of the "ingredients" are about the same. The important thing to remember about a two-person hammock is the added weight ratio--don't skimp on the cord, or your hanging height. Try to hang the head end of your hammock about 18 inches higher than the middle, and at least 18 inches on the "foot end". A DIY hammock is a fun project, but to get maximum comfort you may need to do a bit of trial and error work before you find what works best.



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