Hammock Stands

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What different types of hammock stands are available?

Hammock Stands

There are many different types of hammock stands to choose from, including metal, wood and the chair stand. From the name, you can guess that the chair stand is used for "sitting hammocks" rather than the reclining kind you find between two trees. Metal and woods hammock stands have their own aesthetic advantages, but it's important to read the descriptions carefully, as some hammock stands are designed specifically for hammocks with spreader bars, while others are made for hammocks with no spreaders. Those who already own a hammock won't have much of a problem, but those ordering stands and hammocks at the same time should double check their order to make sure there is compatibility between hammock and stand. Many websites offer package deals; this is a way to get the most of your online ordering experience. One reason for this? It's much easier to assemble and install a hammock/stand combination designed to be used together.



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