Hammock Pillows

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What options do I have for hammock pillows?

Hammock Pillows

There are many varieties of hammock pillow, but the three most basic and easily found are the traditional pillow, the decorative throw, and the full-length hammock pillow. The traditional comes in many colors and designs, many of which are just as traditional as the patterns of Ecuadorean hammocks and other types of Latin American "heritage hammocks". The decorative throw can be ultra-modern, traditional, or something in between. The full-length hammock pillow is excellent for larger hammocks built for multiple users. Regardless of which you choose, pillows should not be exposed to the elements. You may be able to leave your hammock outside for the summer, but keep your pillows indoors when not in use unless the care and cleaning instructions indicate the pillow has been coated or treated to be weather proof.



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