Hammock Accessories

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Are there accessories for my hammock?

Hammock Accessories

Many people buy or make hammocks, set them up and snooze away, never realizing there's a wide range of hammock accessories they can buy to enhance their set up. Hammock pillows are the most obvious add-on, but there are many other optional items; hammock stands, canopies, caddies and much more. If you want to enhance your hammock, the canopy is an excellent place to start. The canopy is a great feature for those who don't have tree shade for their outdoor hammocks. The canopy reduces your sun exposure and creates a cool oasis on patios and in backyards with little or no shade. Most canopies are designed for hammocks with spreader bars, but if you don't mind a little creative shopping, you can still set up a canopy for a hammock with no bars.



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