Mommy, The Hammock Feels Funny!

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How can I improve my child's hammock comfort

Mommy, The Hammock Feels Funny!

If your child complains about his or her hammock experience, there a few things you can try that can improve the hammock's "comfort zone".
Check on the child hammock material. A new cotton hammock has a bit of a break-in period where the material will stretch as the cotton gets used to the weight of the child. If a cotton child hammock feels too rigid, it may just be this breaking-in period.
Pillows, while decorative, may not always agree with you in the hammock. Many people feel more comfort without the pillow, and vice-versa.
Lying at an angle in the hammock provides the best comfort and support. Some people find it most comfortable to lie in the center of the hammock vertically as opposed to the more traditional horizontal position where the head and fee fit into the "ends" of the hammock. Have your child try lying in the opposite position to see if that makes a difference in comfort.



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