Hammocks For The Whole Family

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I want to share the hammock with my child. Are family sizes available?

Hammocks For The Whole Family

A child hammock is great fun, but sometimes you want to have some together time, hammock-style. This is where the family-sized hammock comes in. Many companies sell these giant hammocks, which can accommodate multiple kids and adults. When enjoying a giant hammock, have one adult get in first, then help your child in next, and then another person can climb in. As always, never get in feet first, and always double-check your hammock for signs of wear and tear, especially when you have multiple users at the same time! Many giant size hammocks can be ordered with stands. This takes the burden of tying off your hammock, and you can purchase a stand rated for the amount of weight you think you'll be needed for multiple hammock users. Never exceed the recommended capacity for your hammock and stand. If you find you need a sturdier hammock stand to handle additional weight, you can always purchase a new stand and save the old one for times when you plan on using it by yourself.



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