For The Kids

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Are there really hammocks for kids?

For The Kids

There are many sizes and shapes of child hammocks, but two basic models are easily located once you start searching. The first is a hammock-style baby crib or cradle. These are designed to gently rock a baby to sleep and often don't resemble a traditional-style hammock. The second version is much more recognizable as a hammock. These are made for a variety of ages, designed for indoor use, and many come with optional mounting hardware. If your child has already worn out the hammock material but you don't need to replace the wall mounts, many websites allow you to buy just the hammock. Whichever model you choose, it's very important to pay close attention in the early days of your child's hammock experience. If he or she doesn't 'take' to the hammock as expected, be sure you know what your hammock manufacturer's return policies say. Don't give up on a child's hammock simply because one model doesn't work-a different configuration may be just the ticket for a boy or girl who didn't quite like the first one tried.



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