The Mold Issue

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I'm allergic to molds. Is there a particular kind of outdoor hammock I should buy?

The Mold Issue

People love their hammocks. What they don't love is mold and mildew problems associated with long-term use outdoors. Some people are fine with simply taking the time to give proper care to an outdoor hammock, or they put up with a musty odor until they do find the time to deal with the problem. People who suffer from mold allergies, on the other hand, don't have this luxury.
Mold allergy sufferers are much better off purchasing a synthetic hammock made with a solution-dyed rope made of synthetics such as Dura Cord or polyester. With these materials, mold is not sustainable, and any cleaning can be done with a garden hose, and perhaps a bit of soap. People not allergic to mold can afford to put off a spot cleaning, but allergy sufferers don't have that luxury. The ease of care with synthetic hammocks is well worth the investment.



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