Discount Hammocks Just A Parachute Away

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What is a parachute hammock?

Discount Hammocks Just A Parachute Away

Some discount hammocks go for unbelievable prices--under $50 in some cases--because they are made from parachute material instead of more traditional materials such as rope, cotton, or other weaves. If you are looking for a solid-material type hammock to buy, rather than a "pattern" type which looks a bit like mesh or netting, the parachute hammock may be for you. Some people are curious about hammocks, but hesitant to invest in some of the higher-priced versions. The discount hammock made from parachute material is a low-cost way to test-drive a hammock for a few weeks before taking the plunge for a camping hammock or a more permanent version for the backyard or even indoor use. If you decide to try the parachute hammock first, be aware of the greater puncture potential for a parachute hammock. Never use one with any sharp objects in your pockets, including keys and pocketknives. Parachute material is sturdy, but once you compromise the fabric with a rip or tear it's only a matter of time before the whole thing is useless.



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