Camping on Steep Terrain

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Are there safety issues with camping hammocks on steep terrain?

Camping on Steep Terrain

Using a camping hammock on steep terrain gives the camper an advantage--you can go where tents cannot. There are a few safety factors to remember when using a hammock in such conditions. Beware of trees that are too close to ledges or steep drop-offs. If the roots are not deep and strong, the weight of the hammock may cause the tree to become unstable. Don't risk a fall in the middle of the night--look for trees that are firmly rooted in the soil, with no roots showing or exposed on the side of a ledge, incline or drop off. Newcomers to camping are often unfamiliar with the differences between healthy live trees, dead trees and weak, diseased trees. If you are camping in high terrain, choose your "hammock trees" very carefully.



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