Hammock Inspection!

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Should I inspect my hammock before the trip?

Hammock Inspection!

Many people who get ready for an outdoor adventure have a personal checklist they go over before the trip. They go down the list making sure their gear is in good condition, without excessive wear and tear and free from mold, dry rot and other problems. Don't forget to include your back packer hammock on this checklist. Visually inspect the camping hammock before packing it up, by opening it to its full length. Once it's completely open, insure the ropes are in good condition and free from mold and debris. Check the "business end" of all attachments, ropes, fasteners and other interlocking or tie-together parts. Be suspicious of frayed ends, excessively worn ends and other 'distressed' weight-bearing sections. Remember that your hammock ropes, fasteners and supports have to hold in excess of one hundred pounds--and oversize hammocks need even just as much scrutiny as the smaller models. Don't risk an injury due to a ripped, torn, or otherwise questionable section of hammock.



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