Hammocks as a Camping Enticement

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My kids/significant other/friend is afraid of the nocturnal crawlies when we sleep outdoors. Help!

Hammocks as a Camping Enticement

Some are averse to camping because they fear insects getting in the tent, crawling on them while they sleep, etc. The camping hammock has a major advantage over sleeping bags and tents when it comes to pests. Sleeping on the ground invites a visit from creepy crawlers who may be attracted to your body heat, deodorant, or perfume. Sleeping off the ground gives you an added advantage in this area. Sleeping above the dirt means it's far less likely you'll wake up with something staring at you that crawled up in the middle of the night. An camoflage hammock or camping hammock could be just the answer for those averse to camping "because of the bugs". If your teenager or significant other is one of these, you could sweeten the camping experience by investing in a camping hammock for just this reason!



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