Camping Hammock Vs. Sleeping Bags

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My backside feels cold in the hammock. What should I do?

Camping Hammock Vs. Sleeping Bags

Camping hammocks, such as Castaway hammocks, have a major advantage over sleeping bags in terms of heat efficiency. When you sleep on a regular bed, the mattress absorbs your body heat-all that foam and the bed sheets below your body retain the warmth. In a sleeping bag, you still retain some heat, but the earth beneath you cools at night. That lower temperature leeches away the warmth and can make your backside feel as if it's nearly freezing. A camping hammock or oversize hammock doesn't put you on contact with that cooler earth, which means you can retain more body heat in an outdoor sleeping situation. In a camping hammock you may still feel a cold backside, however, if you don't layer as much on the bottom of the hammock as you cover up on top. If you only need a thin sheet on top, use the same on the bottom; likewise add more bedding below in colder temperatures to keep your whole body warm.



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